Get label work done with higher quality and faster, with huctive


Requirement Builder

It's very easy to start creating requirement for your annotation task. Just create your huctive account.


Analytics Tool

huctive examines annotation data providers in order to help you analyse different labeling situations and take the best action.


Federation Layer

Federation Layer allows you to use multiple providers at once, to easily compare and switch between them.


Annotation Services Martketplace

Poor labeling quality affects the performance of your machine learning models. With huctive you can find the perfect annotation deal for highly accurate data labeling.


Fast and Simple

It's very easy to start using huctive. You just need to fill in the form and get started.

  • Specify the data type: Image (bounding box, semantic, polygon annotation or lines & splines), Text, Audio
  • Annotation Approach: Manual, Automated or Hybrid
  • Multiple Applications: Automotive, Telecom, Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare, ...
  • Geography: USA, EU, Asia-Pacific, or worldwide

Analyze the Labeling Quality

We examine annotation data providers in order to help you analyse different labeling situations and take the best action. It should be the core of any labeling campaign focused on quality data sets.

  • Easily plan data annotation campaigns and schedule their starting date
  • Start data annotation campaigns and follow their evolution closely
  • Continuous evaluation of the annotation campaign at predefined intervals

Faster Integration

Federation Layer enables the use of multiple providers at once, easily compare and switch between them. It is designed to provide a unique communication layer between you and the data annotation providers.

  • Same API not matter which data annotation provider you choose
  • Easy to integrate with your existing models
  • Split and submit your unlabeled data to various annotation providers for rapid response
  • Designed to support Active Machine Learning (also known as Human-in-the-Loop) approaches

Give Your Data The Right Tool and Annotator

Target the right annotation provider for your business with our help and perform efficient data annotation campaigns. Keep your machine learning models reliable and performant.

  • Easily submit your wishes and demands
  • Analyse different labeling situations
  • Select the annotation provider